Introducing OPTOPICS

Introducing OPTOPICS

Hello everyone!

I'm thrilled to introduce OPTOPICS, an innovative consensus game crafted to enrich our discussions at Optimism Town Hall. OPTOPICS is a new Cagendas game mode that allows respected community members to propose, vote, and dynamically coordinate discussion topics during our events.

OPTOPICS leverages Respect to make community events more efficient, enjoyable, and productive. This collaborative agenda game is designed to optimize our meeting time by providing a simple structure, facilitating more interactive conversations, and helping us focus on what’s most important to the community. It’s a fun way to organize events that taps into the wisdom of our community to more effectively grow Optimism Fractal and maximize our impact for the Optimism Collective.

You can upvote the topic proposal to play Optopics in this snapshot poll. If this topic proposal is approved, we’ll play Optopics according to the following rules during this week’s Optimism Town Hall:

Game Rules

The game begins at 18:00 UTC at the Optimism Town Hall. The main dynamics of gameplay are oriented around suggesting topics, allocating votes on topics, and transitioning to different topics.

Suggesting and Voting on Topics

Optopics allows participants to easily suggest discussion topics then spread voting power across multiple discussion topics at any time.

  • Suggest topics: Starting at 17 UTC on Monday, respected community members can suggest discussion topics in the new Optimism Town Hall channel in the Optimism Fractal discord. The topic can be very simple, like a quick question or just a few words. The topic could also be more complex with detailed information and links. Feel free to suggest any topic related to Optimism Fractal or the Optimism Collective.
  • Vote on Topics: A poll will be created in the Optimism Town Hall snapshot space on Wednesday and all topics that were suggested in the Discord channel by 17 UTC on Wednesday will be included as options. You can allocate your Respect votes across as many topics as you’d like to influence the community’s agenda and the votes are weighted quadratically. Participants can change their votes at any point before or during the Optimism Town Hall to reflect their current interests.

Moving to the Next Discussion Topic

During the event, respected participants can adjust their topic preferences in real-time to influence the discussion as the game progresses and move the group to the next topic with an optimistic topic transition system (which is inspired by optimistic rollup technology).

  • Topic Transition Rules:
    1. Initiate Change: Any well respected community member (defined as having at least 100 Respect) can propose to switch topics by typing ‘next topic’ in the chat, triggering a one-minute countdown.
    2. Veto Option: Any other well respected member can veto this by typing ‘same topic’ within the minute. If vetoed, neither the proposer nor the vetoer can make the same motion for the current topic.
    3. Consensus Transition: If there’s no veto, the discussion moves to the next highest-ranked topic on Snapshot.
  • Proposing New Topics: If at least 51% of well-respected members agree, a new topic can be introduced and discussed immediately. Approval can be indicated by thumbs-up from respected members in the chat.

Benefits of Optopics

Optopics enhances the original Cagendas game mode by providing structure for real-time interaction and flexibility during events. While the original Cagendas game allows the community to choose one topic before events, Optopics empowers participants to dynamically suggest and choose to discuss many topics throughout the event. This game mode makes participation easier by integrating topic suggestions within the Optimism Fractal Discord channel and enables the community to democratically create our agenda with Respect.

The original Cagendas and Optopics game modes complement each other to organize discussions, with Optopics adding a layer of joyful interactivity that encourages continuous community input and adaptation. This approach aligns with the Optimism Collective's vision by promoting a participatory digital future where community insights directly shape discussions on the Superchain and can help us create profound benefits for all at Optimism Town Hall. You can learn more about the benefits, comparisons, and synergies with the original Cagendas game mode in this page.

Participation and Feedback

If you support this initiative, please upvote this topic proposal on Snapshot. Feel free to share any questions or comments, I’m eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions as we develop this game. Your participation and feedback is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all as we create the future of collective decision-making and community coordination at Optimism Town Hall! 🔴 ✨


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