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Post on Paragraph and/or Mirror

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Hi optimists!

We’ll host the first Optimism Town Hall event each Thursday at 18 UTC following our weekly Respect Game and the topic for the event is called Exploring Optimism Town Hall and Cagendas.

More details coming soon.

You can find exciting details about this new Optimism Town Hall collective movement below:

Optimism Town Hall

what is it

The Optimism Town Hall is envisioned as a new collaborative space for structured discussions about the Optimism Collective, powered by Optimism Fractal Respect. The greater focus is on facilitating conversations that provide a positive impact for Optimism Collective governance. The Optimism Town Hall can provide you with a platform to help lead the Optimism Collective and you can contribute to the development of Optimism Town Hall in this project.

what to expect

Expect a presentation that provides a more in-depth overview of the potential benefits, next steps, and rationale of the value that these initiatives can provide for the Optimism Collective. We’ll have an open discussion after the presentation and take it from there.


We're experimenting with a new process where anyone with Respect at Optimism Fractal can propose and vote on discussion topics through polls in the Optimism Town Hall snapshot space. To have your topic considered for the upcoming week's Town Hall event, make sure your proposal poll concludes by Monday at 17 UTC. We’re currently in design mode and are exploring ways for citizens who’ve not attended Optimism Fractal to be able to vote in Snapshot, as explained here. You can read more about the current process in this article.

The aim

trial allows you to suggest topics related to Optimism Fractal or the Optimism Collective.


the problem it’s solving for Optimism

Rationale will be shared today