Warpcast fids for a post- could be used with respect games


Anyone have an easy way to pull fids of all replies on a cast? Need a retweet picker thing but for casts. And preferably in a frame lol AND if you could have that ready in about 20 min that’d be great.


Cast image embed

Nounish Prof ⌐◧-◧@nounishprof



Let’s experiment—can we incentivize following w/ warps and $degen without being too spammy? Follow @uniswap and comment below. I’ll tip your reply w/warps & I’ll give my daily $degen to one of the repliers. (Ends at 200 followers) btw no affiliation w/ @uniswap — lets see how quickly we can get them to 200. https://warpcast.com/hayden...


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